« Summertime, and the livin’ is easy… »

Bewitching chords, sweet and strong voice, Ella Fitzgerald’s version of this mythical song is a hymn to absolute relaxation we could hum and live forever.

More than a promise, an art de vivre that Vilebrequin has advocated since its creation, in 1971.

What if summer lasted an entire year? In 2015, Vilebrequin invites you to take longer naps on deckchairs and sink your feet deeper into the warm sand.

Prolonging “Grand Tour” and “Tales of the four seasons” collections, the inventor of luxury swimwear asserts itself as the essential travel companion for even the most distant destinations.

Vilebrequin embarks on a one of a kind world tour, along with the finest connoisseurs of each destination, who will reveal every month their personal vision of summer as well as their favorite insider addresses. This 2.0 travel blog begins with South Africa, where Vilebrequin shot its High Summer 2015 collection. After that, Vilebrequin is off to Brazil, only to be followed by a handful of other idyllic places.

A hedonistic journey that can be followed on Vilebrequin’s magazine, social media and on the blogs of our ambassadors.

Just a small key towards our favorite season of all: #summerallyearlong

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